About Monique & Co.
Monique & Co. was published in 2010 by renowned stylist, Lam Alex. Working with professional photographs Yellow Brother who are skillful in photo shooting and photo editing, Monique & Co. aims at providing pre-wedding photography and image consulting services. Lam Alex is dedlicated to applying his advertising experience, especially beauty advertisements, to wedding & evening gowns design, styling and pre-wedding photography. His wedding shop, Monique & Co., strives to provide professional tailor-made pre-wedding photography services.

About Lam Alex
Started as a markup artist, Alex Lam has gradually developed his profession in fashion and styling. With the love and passion he indulges himself in the industry, he is able to capture the unique angle and evoke the natural charm of every styling. With this distinguishability he has, he is currently an all-round professional stylist devoted to fashion, accessories, image design, hair styling and makeup.

In 1999, Alex Lam established a professional image consultant company, Lam Alex Workshop. With over ten years of his hard work, Lam Alex Workshop has now become one of the major styling production houses for all kinds of images in Hong Kong.

Lam Alex Workshop Studio was setup in 2002 with the aim of providing free space for creating, shooting, producing etc. The production line is located in Fo Tan, Hong Kong, and had been expanded from 1900 to 2600 sq meter. Every member of the team - including inspirable creative designers and experienced makeup artists takes a proactive approach to offering the best product solutions that help achieving the business goals of the clients.

With an energetic team together with an excellent production environment, Alex Lam does not only create fashion and accessories for the use in fashion brand advertisements, but also creates tailor-made uniforms for companies and global organizations. Currently, he designs and tailor-makes wedding and evening gowns for customers.

Whatever kind of production needs or business ideas comes into your mind, please do not hesitate to discuss with us. We will make every possible effort to make them real to you.